Sunday, May 16, 2010

Satanic Symbols and meanings.

this post might seem a bit dark.
no, i'm not a satanic worshiper.
i was just shocked to discover certain signs, symbols and meanings, thought i could share it here.
there are some which we do use in our everyday lives, not knowing the true meaning of it.
therefore, do avoid using these symbols and signs.
i will explain more as you scroll.
i deleted the pictures as soon as i uploaded them cos it's freaky. :(
and also, when i was googling about it, my room lights just flickered.
i'm not joking.
neither am i being paranoid.
my lights have never flickered in ages.
*30 seconds later, while finishing this post.* oh damn. it just did again. :(

Goat Head
The horned goat, goat of mendes, Baphomet, god of the witches, the scapegoat. It's a Satanists way of mocking Jesus as the "Lamb" who died for our sins.

Horned Hand
The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. Note the thumb over the fingers and given by the left hand.

All seeing Eye
Believed to be the eye of Lucifer and those who claim control of it have control of world finances. Used in divination. Hexes, curses, psychic control and all corruption are worked through this emblem. This one is a symbol of the Illuminati. Look at U.S. currency. This one is the basis of the New World Order.


Unique to Satanism. A demonic deity and symbolic of Satan. Can be seen as jewelry

It is also now being used by the masons. It can be seen on their buildings and the emblems the put on their vehicles to identify each other.

Upside Down Cross
Symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. Necklaces are worn by many satanist's. It can be seen on Rock singers and their album covers.

Aleister Crowley.
The hierarchy of the Secret-Societies have been deeply involved in the Black-Occult since they have existed. This includes the ritual sacrifice of children and babies. This knowledge has been kept from the minds of society at large until more recently.
It is now only a matter of time when the masses of the people become fully aware of the real agenda behind the secret societies and the true purpose of why they exist..Crowley worshipped the demon god Pan, the god of sexuality and lust. His “Hymn to Pan” was read at his funeral: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend/ Everlasting world without end!”


Lucifer was created by God as a perfect angel. He was called Lucifer while he lived in heaven. After he sinned and persistently refused to repent he was thrown out of heaven. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven he lost his name Lucifer and he became known as Satan. The history of Satan tells his story.

Satan and the Devil

Satan is the name that is used for Lucifer after he was thrown out of heaven. He is also called the devil. Satan is now a sinful, fallen angel. He has lived on this earth for about 6,000 years. But Satan has lived in the spirit world and most of the time he has not been visible to people on earth. Very soon the devil will leave the spirit world and will appear on earth in a visible form. Then he will be called the beast.

The beast

The beast is the name that the Bible gives to Satan when he comes to earth visibly and claims to be God. Satan will appear on earth as a glorious, visible being. He will have the appearance of God. He will require the whole world to worship him as their god.

Satanic "S"
Represents a lightning bolt that means "Destroyer". In mythology, It was the weapon of Zeus. Worn to have power over others. Also was worn by the feared SS of Nazi Germany.
Cross of Nero - Or Peace sign
Another sign that mocks the cross of Jesus. Also know as "The Dead Man Rune". It appears on the tombstones of some of Hitler's SS troops.
Satanic Cross
Upside down question mark that questions the Deity of God. Within the occult it is the representation of the three crown princes; Satan, Belial and leviathan. Symbolizes complete power under Lucifer.
Used in satanic and occult worship. Practitioners are acknowledging their god as Baal or Lucifer. Horoscope signs are included

one more point.
Pan is the devil of lust.
and there's a sign, called the Horned God, which represents Pan.
therefore, that's how the term ''horny'' when it comes to sexual indulgences, came about.


  1. So many things you've said here are 100% assumption. Some aren't, but you can't be taken seriously when you include the fucking peace sign into this.

    The peace sign originated in Britain in the Nuclear Disarmament Movement in 1958. The actual symbol is derived from the semaphoric N and D (ND meaning Nuclear Disarmament). This is well documented. The rubbish that you present as evidence of its satanic origins began about 20 years later. It was a rumor started by the John Birch Society, a society KNOWN to have close ties with the SPLC, a white supremecist legal defense group. the NAACP for hatred. So, if anything, your rumors are much more closely related to Nazism than the symbol itself.

    If you are concerned about satanic cultures, stop fucking spreading poisonous ignorance under the guise of enlightened information. Yes, secret societies control the fucking planet. You help them with your disinformation. You probably don't even get paid for it.

    Try verifying information before accpeting it as fact you fool.

    1. You're a dumb ass. Peace symbol: This Germanic pagan symbol is also known as cross turned upside down. This symbol means different things at different times. Some people call it and “Cross of Nero”. Here, the symbol was linked to the notorious and cruel Roman emperor who killed Christians.

  2. Good info think you.You hit the nail on the head with all of it. Clint doesn't know what he is talking about.It doesn't matter what a sign was used for we should never idolize no sign.If it is satanic it is satanic nothing he says or believe can change that..thanks for the post..

  3. the symbol Baphomet is not, to my knowledge, used by freemasons.

  4. I think Clint could use his own advice and look up his information rather than just taking for granted what he has always heard is true. The Neronic Cross has been a symbol of hatred toward Christians for going on two thousand years now. Way before the 1950's it was used in Germany to symbolize death. Gotta love it when someone tries to show how dumb you are by illustating their own ignorance.

  5. The symbol Baphomet is not directly used by the freemasons. Some associate it with the masons due to their rituals having to do with obtaining the name of God. According to these rituals the name is Jaobulon. The name itself is blasphemous. Jao - Jahovah, Bul - Baal,
    On - Osiris. I may have spelt that wrong. Anyway the Baphomet symbol is also associated with the worship of Osiris which can actually be traced all the way back to Nimrod "the mighty hunter before God" from Genesis.

  6. this is the real meaning of the peace sign for the one who thought brits came up with it and this is coming from some one that is a satanist and some of this persons info is correct but not all...
    "Known as the 'peace sign' throughout the 1960's and into the present day, this symbol is the Teutonic rune of death. 1950's peace advocate Gerald Holtom may have been commissioned by communist sympathiser Bertrand Russell to design a symbol to unite leftist peace marchers in 1958. It is clear that either Holtom or Russell deemed the Teutonic (Neronic) cross as the appropriate symbol for their cause.

    "Throughout the last 2,000 years this symbol has designated hatred of Christians. Nero, who despised Christians, crucified the Apostle Peter on a cross head downward. This hideous event resembled the Teutonic cross and became a popular pagan insignia of the day. Thereafter, this sign became known as the 'Neronic cross.'

    "The symbol's origin in history proves it to be the visual mystic character for 'Aum' (the split 'Y'). This is the sacred word to the Hindu. Chanting 'Aum' is supposed to help awaken 'the serpent power of Brahma' at the base of the human spine. Occultist Albert Pike also identifies this symbol as mystical in his book on Freemasonry Morals and Dogma.

    The peace symbol (also called the "broken cross," "crow's foot," "witch's foot," "Nero Cross," "sign of the 'broken Jew,'" and the "symbol of the 'anti-Christ''') is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the "gesture of despair," and the "death of man.''

    "The Germanic tribes who used it attributed strange and mystical properties to the sign. Such a 'rune' is said to have been used by 'black magicians' in pagan incantations and condemnations....To this very day the inverted broken cross--identical to the socialists' 'peace' symbol--is known in Germany as a 'todersrune,' or death rune. Not only was it ordered by Hitler's National Socialists that it must appear on German death notices, but it was part of the official inscription prescribed for the gravestones of Nazi officers of the dread SS. The symbol suited Nazi emphasis on pagan mysticism.''

  7. So pretty much you save a satanic picture and your lights flicker....oh god so not good he is gonna come get you and eat your soul and then you will be come a demon that eats little children........
    e.e.... Must I say more?

    As I tell many others, get all the facts before you decide to talk about things, please. As is said

    "Satanism is Satanism not due to our worship of any deity, but for the philosophy that we stand for. We recognize ourselves as gods, and we hold our own perspective on life as holy and revere out own experiences as the only truth we can ever know. Satanism is the utter rejection of the spiritual way of theistic religions, and the honest admittence that we are just animals who evolve as any other complex system."

    The symbols above are just as the cross or any other religious symbol that is used, it doesn't mean that if you draw it or save a picture that you will bring about the end of the world at the hand of Satan. So please don't post stuff like that when you have no idea.

  8. To all you guys who have commented above and seem to be 'all knowing', keep your critisism to yourself. Whether its assumptions or not, You are Either for GOD or you arent. period. thanx for the blog btw.good

    1. exactly how I feel this person put up a blog based on their research and finding. PPl claim to know but all everyone is doing is researching things that are put in books by man so anybody can be wrong their are things lost in translation and their is a such thing as human error not to mention some ppl print the wrong info on purpose in the hopes you will believe them. Just remember Matthew 5:22 whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council;

  9. i have to say, yes keep the critisism, but definitrly get the facts strait, i not going to say whats right and whats wrong but this isnt totally right,nore totally wrong just misconstrued. but you probly should do more research before you post a page like this. i hate trying to show people or even touch up on some of my belifes and of history and come to sites like this with nothing but someone who read one persons input and got too much of mis lead stuff. i dont even usually wright back on a blog but i had to say keep the ignorence out and be open minded without this b.s satinis stuff. in fact satinism isnt even old compaired to other religions who created these symbols, and not only that if you read the rules of satinism youll see its not so kill this and give me your soul that, all that stuff is just a nother cult trying to get you to drink the punch, with that said hope everyone starts learning more truth about our history our were all doomed with ignorent people

  10. and the zodiac thing that really urks me. cultures have been using the signs for decades and your going to write its of evil intent and since i read and perform tarot readings im worshiping got to be out your fuckin mind........since your going off false readings, reefer maddness is true and santa delivers presents on christmas, the easter bunny is really a giant bunny thats made of chocolate and shits cadbary eggs. this is modern christian knowledge who also invented halloween.

  11. Hey man! What are you telling us? You mixed up some things don't you think so? I know one thing, Most people became Satanists but most of them don't know that! Almost we listen this words " who is satan? why I must belive him and obey?" but what is the difference? everybody don't want to obey him and listen to him, but as the same time they do most or some things that are Satan's ideology! for most simple example is LESBIANS and GAYS, And what You think about this, is this normal? Other examples I tell you if you want!

    1. Really?!??? I know More Gay Christians than Satanists........

  12. Se deus não existe, por que tem que haver um satanás? É muita idiotice.

  13. Hi I had 3 symbols on my cars back window last night when i got home from my gf the first one was something like that above the half circle with the cross above it and the second one was that 2 triangle that joins the 3th one looks weird like an A and a upside down A in that A can you please tell me what this means please?