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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

11th month.

Chris and I celebrated our 11th month anni today. :)
ain't very long, but, hey, nobody said it was ending soon.
we have been through so much.
just so damn much together.
so, we went to one utama today.
nothing fancy.
ate sakae sushi. :D
went and watch the other guys.
and some parts, rather retarded.
like how the rock and samuel l jackson just died like that.
those who watched would understand.
but, anyways, we headed to parkson cos i got this RM40 voucher, expiring TO-DAY!
i nearly missed it.
i got this RM40 voucher as i spent RM400++ on Clinique products.
therefore, they gave me RM10 per every RM100 spent. -.-
and you know what?
there's nothing i could get which i liked there.
RM40 and wondering what to do with it.
but, anyways, we walked and walked.
then, i just said, screw it, just pick up random stuffs.
so, i got two phone stands, for the two of us.
as well as some other miscellaneous stuffs.

this is what he got for me for our lil anni gift. :)
every page, represents pictures of us, for that month.
appreciate the effort, bubs. :')
thankyou so much.
the best picture which i love love loved, is this. :)

so cute!
i admit, we dont take many pictures together.
this calls for more photo taking memories? :D
he's on his way home now, and i should grab my shower.
next month, on the 26th, will be my last day of my finals, as well as my first year anniversary with him. :)
i'm so excited.

i love you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You are worth more.

you know, green represents money, greed, and envy.
one of which, applies right now.
i do sit and wonder sometimes, yeah, she's attractive.
i do feel insecure, jealous, and my heart sinks to the ground floor of a 14-floor building, with me being at the roof.
a bit of an exaggeration, but, proof of the matter is, my heart sinks.
it does suck.
it sucks big time.

however, i know, deep down, i deserve you more than she does.
more than any one of them.
no, it's not self-comfort.
it's reality.
it does hurt a lil once in a while, but, it's all part of the loving process right?

because i know, some day, i will be the one, looking at her, and instead of being inferior of how attractive her physical attributes are, i would just have to look left, and there you'll be holding on to me with love.
i tell you all the time, that she's so pretty, and attractive.
you tell me, that's the difference between beautiful, and average, between you and that girl.
she's nothing to me, and never was.
she is the biggest mistake in my life, and i live to regret it.

trust me, i've had my fair share of mistakes as well.
but, hey, i love you. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

raw info.

the immense pressure.
the fear.
the worry.
the guilt seeping through my veins.
what am i to do?
there's only 12 days left.
i will not be able to make it.
will i?
why must the society be built this way?
nothing comes easy, i guess.
hundreds are watching.
a couple of hundreds more through pictures.
the spotlight is on me too.
what am i to do?
i've been under this shell for years.
i am afraid.
the suffering begins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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